About BuyOwner

Established in 1984, Buy Owner quickly became the strongest for sale by owner (FSBO) marketplace.

With the onset of the Internet, it stepped into its next role as a powerful online home selling tool matching home sellers with informed buyers while eliminating the costly commission of the Realtor middleman. Over the years, Buy Owner has positioned itself as the optimal place for those seeking homes to find one that best matches their real estate needs.

True to its original goals and commitment to excellence as the world's premier, technologically advanced, full service FSBO option, Buy Owner offers a newly enhanced and very user friendly website, superior marketing campaigns and unmatched customer support.

Your buyers have access to viewing your home 24/7 while remaining completely anonymous. When they do have questions or want to physically view your home, they will contact you directly. This gives you greater control over what happens with your home.

When you choose to sell your home, you have options available to assist you with achieving your ultimate goal...finding a buyer. Buy Owner allows you to reach the most potential buyers in the shortest amount of time, in the most effective (the internet) and most cost effective manner (no commission) possible. You are selling your home on your own, but not by yourself.