Home Selling Frequently Asked Questions

While yard signs aren't included, you can easily add them to your order or buy them individually for just $49.95, and enjoy free shipping! (Order Now)

The Yard Sign will come to you blank, you can put your own number on the sign. Many of our Sellers use 2 inch vinyl numbers from an office supply store.

We will send your yard sign via USPS Priority Mail the next business day after receiving your order.

We've got you covered with our weather-proof corrugated signs that come complete with a sturdy metal stake for added durability. You can easily add them to your order or buy them individually for just $49.95, and enjoy free shipping! (Order Now)

Your home is in MLS typically within 24 hours of you completing the MLS paperwork.

Your home will show up in Zillow and Trulia typically within 24-48 hours of you completing the MLS paperwork.

You can make changes to your listing or cancel it at any time.

Yes you can. You can start your ad today and come back to finish it at any time. So if you're not ready for your home to go live yet, or haven't finished taking your photos, ...no problem. Just save it and finish it later.

We recommend, you to offer a cooperating fee to a Buyers broker. This will encourage other brokers to bring their buyers. We recommend 1.1%-3% of the selling price as a buyers broker fee. Have questions? Click here or call us at 800-771-7777.

If you are willing to offer a commission to a "Buyers Agent" who brings you an acceptable offer, your offered amount will be posted directly in the MLS for Buyers Agents to see. We recommend 1.1-3% of the selling price as an offering to a Buyers Agent.

Your phone number is on BuyOwner.com, and many of the other sites we syndicate your home to, it also is in MLS for co-operating brokers to see, but not in MLS public comments. The MLS systems usually require the agent’s phone number to be in MLS. The agent will refer all Buyer and cooperating agents directly to you.

Your listing is for 6 months. In some areas your listing can be extended. Call to see if your area qualifies. 800-771-7777

We add your listing to BuyOwner.com, Premium real estate postings also are syndicated to: ByOwnerMLS, a local MLS system, Trulia, Google, Zillow, MSN and many other highly trafficked websites. This exposes your property to tens of millions of potential buyers.

It is a requirement of every MLS across the country that a written authorization is obtained before a home goes into MLS. This helps protect the public from unscrupulous agents putting homes on the market with out a sellers permission.

BuyOwner has over 90 different categories of classified ads. We specialize in selling residential properties, Homes, Condos, Vacant Land, Townhomes and Multifamily properties. We also post commercial properties and raw land. (MLS services are currently not available for commercial properties)

A "Realtor.com" listing is a listing which goes into Realtor.com but not in your local MLS. An MLS listing goes into your local MLS, plus Realtor.com. The main difference in a Realtor.com listing and a MLS listing is the amount of additional local exposure with an MLS listing. We offer both types of listings, but to get the maximum exposure, we recommend a MLS listing. Call our customer service if you would like to discuss the benefits of one over the other (800-296-9637).

There is only one true BuyOwner.com, our proven model of selling homes has often been imitated, but never duplicated. BuyOwner.com has been around since 1984, we are a pioneer real estate marketing. Our program gives you the same exposure you would get with a "traditional" real estate agent, but without you paying a 6% commission. The average seller sells their home in under 60 days and can save $15,000 or more commissions. When you list you home with BuyOwner.com, you won’t pay us any hidden fees, you can edit your advertisement as often as you like and get the same exposure you'd get with a traditional real estate broker. Pay close attention to companies which only offer "Realtor.com" exposure. Be completely informed before you go anywhere else. With BuyOwner you WILL save thousands in commissions.

General Questions

Yes it is! However some of our real estate postings require a fee. Looking to advertise something? Start here

You can post up to 50 photos on BuyOwner, and in the MLS. (Each MLS has different photo limits. Call us for more details).

We will email you instructions on how to change your password. Click here to get started

Once you login, click on the edit link next to the ad you would like to change. From here you can ad and edit your photos.

Once you login, click on the edit link next to the ad you would like to change. From here you can modify or delete your ad.

Once you login, click on the delete link next to the ad you would like to remove. Once you delete your ad it will no longer be available to the public, but will remain in your account.

If you provide a phone number when you post an ad with us, it will be viewable to all users who visit your ad. (phone numbers are not required, but are suggested)

No. All of our postings use plain text

No, but you have to register to post ads, reply to ads, or flag ads.

It's easy just post an ad, reply to an ad, or flag an ad. We will verify your email address to Resolved the process. Please make sure you check your email to Resolved the registration process. Remember, you do not have to register to search.

Click on the "Publish you ad for free!" link on any page. You will be asked to select a category, the rest is self explanatory.

Click on the Facebook link from any page, you will be prompted to login to Facebook. Once you connect your BuyOwner account to Facebook we prompt you every time you post and ad to "tell your friends". Taking advantage of this feature ads your postings to your Facebook timeline.

Click on the "Reply To This Ad" link on the ad to send your message. If you are not registed with BuyOwner, you will be required to verify your email address to send your message.

Comments to your ad will be sent directly to the email address we have on file with you. You will reply from your own email account. Replies are not tracked or sent through the BuyOwner system.

Your ad will be active for 6 months from the dated posted. We will send you a reminder 30 days prior to it expiring and give you an option to renew it for another 6 months.

Login to your account, click on the "Make Active" link next to the appropriate ad.

Check your spam folder, some internet service providers deliver this email to your spam folder

  1. Login to your Linkedin account at www.Linkedin.com
  2. Hover over your picture/avatar in the very top right hand corner of the screen, then click on the "Privacy and Settings" submenu.
  3. On the following page, click on: Groups, Companies and Applications.
  4. To the right of the "Groups, Comanies and Applications" menu you will see a list of options. Click on "View your Applications".
  5. Click the box next to "BuyOwner", then click remove. Once Resolvedd, BuyOwner will no longer have access to your Linkedin information.